Fall Ahead

I quite like when the summer shifts into autumn. I think it's because I like scarves. And the crispness of late afternoon air. And the brilliant colors that emerge as chlorophyll disintegrates from all the leaves.

I particularly like autumn in October because there is so much to do: spooky stories to tell, costumes to create, apple cider to drink, and parties to attend. I usually go with Penny to a few haunted houses (and end up sleeping with a flashlight next to me for weeks afterwards). And Yvette hosts a get together that I look forward to every year. Algernon reads The Legend of Sleepy Hollow at Yvette's and inevitably one of The Twins ends up screaming at first mention of the Headless Horseman. I can't wait.

I have a great costume already.

I hope you have a great costume already...