We Are "Climbing with Tigers"!

WE ARE IN A PLAY WITH OUR AMAZING FRIEND, BLUE LIGHTNING! Salt Lake Acting Company (a professional, regional Utah theatre) wanted to play with us after they read Nathan Glad's book from the Red Fred Project. Another theatre company, Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory, was the one that nudged SLAC to take a look. That was just over a year ago. 

We're doing all sorts of crazy stuff on stage and Yvette (I think) has found her true calling (she thinks she needs to act, now). Speaking of acting, we had lots of human-help in regards to our voices! 

The WORLD PREMIERE opens this Friday, 4 March, at 7:00p. We hope you can come see it!

Opening at The Leonardo

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for helping us make a great night! The Jolly Troop can't stop talking about you and they hope you know they are never far away. Special thanks to The Leo (for letting us nest there!), to Cherry's (for the fluffy 'mallows!), to Lisa (for the pretty singing and strumming—so lovely it woke the mummies!), to the behind-the-sceners (that chopped and wrapped and placed), to Katie (the wonderful photographer that captured everything!) and for you, our new and old Jolly Troop friends! See you soon!