Jolly Halloween Costumes, 2009

We really like Halloween and have already got our costumes ready. Penny's love for anatomy made her skeleton costume a breeze. The Twins had been reading Shelley's Frankenstein and fought over who got to be who (I'm still not sure who is who). Black Jack didn't want to make too much of a fuss this year, so he added bat wings and red contacts. Yvette had recently seen a broadway musical about Oz and the witches so besides singing every second, she painted herself green. Magnus really got into this year and wrapped himself, chanting something anciently Egyptian. Stilts had to be all zen and opted on being the full moon (I actually wouldn't be surprised if he got real moon-glow somehow). Al...? Well, he could only find a white sheet. And as for me, Wolfman was the only way to go.