Kuala Lampur: Somewhere New

Stilts recently took me with him to Malaysia. He was attending a yoga retreat and I explored Kuala Lampur by myself.

I strolled past the Malaysian Houses of Parliament hoping to run into Malaysian parliamentarians, but I did not.

I did go to 12 of the city's many, many malls. I made a plan to get to 30 on my next trip and 24 the trip after that... I think then I will really be an authority on Malaysian malls.

I visited the Petronas Twin Towers and looked at the tiny world below from the skybridge on the 41st floor. I took a few taxi rides over the city and made a few taxi driver friends. And when I felt ready to go home, Stilts and I ate a final Nasi lemak meal together and were off on our way.

I like new places (and home places, too).

I hope you like new places and your home place, too.