Little Cottonwood Canyon

In the canyons there is a time after most of the leaves have fallen but before the snow sticks, that is both serious and beautiful. It is serious because the landscape colors are muted and somber. But it is beautiful because the landscape is so bare and exposed to exploration.

It is in this "in between" time when Magnus likes to hike because there is so much for him to study. In Little Cottonwood Canyon — for instance — he gathers samples from the large quartz monzonite outcroppings found there. He stops frequently to study the decomposing foliage along the side of the trail. He scouts for unfamiliar flowers and plants in hopes of discovering something new to show his fellow members of the Utah Native Plant Society. He charts weather conditions to submit to the Farmers' Almanac.

On hikes like that I mostly just follow and wonder when snow will come and open the ski resorts... different brains I suppose.

But I'm glad Magnus thinks like he does and that I think like I do.

I hope you're glad you think like you do, too.