December Craft: Garland

We're excited to announce that we'll have Jolly Troop *crafting* paper available for purchase soon, so we couldn't wait to try out a crafty project using it. With all the creative garland ideas popping up all over the place, we decided to try our own Red Fred Bodoni version fit for Christmas!

• Red Fred Bodoni crafting paper
• other colorful craft paper
• wrapping tissue, cellophane, cupcake liners... (anything to add a different texture)
• scissors
• double sided tape
• pen and/or pencil
• ribbon or twine
• hot glue gun
• glasses (to make circular templates)

1. Cut circles of various sizes out of the craft and other papers.
2. Using double sided tape, stick various circles together in layers of 3 or 4 (get creative!).
3. Organize all your finished garland pieces in the order you want and hot glue them to your ribbon.
4. String on the wall, your Christmas tree, or the mantel and enjoy your *jolly* work!