Rough Gem

Magnus recently arranged a field trip of sorts to the Great Salt Lake to visit Antelope Island. Lately, he has been very interested in researching the lake's prehistoric predecessor, Lake Bonneville. After all, it's not everywhere you've got access to such rich geological evidence right in your backyard (his words, not mine). Everyone jumped on board for various reasons: Black Jack was hoping the island would yield a treasure of undiscovered dinosaur bones; Yvette heard its full of birds and was looking for a new love; Stilts wanted to meditate at sunset. I just wanted to see somewhere new.

And I think that even though all original goals weren't met (BJ found no dinosaur bones and Yvette found no new love), we were still taken by the beautiful landscape and the scope of Antelope Island and it's wildlife. The American Bison you might catch here and there carry in their genes a history thousands of years old. The grasslands that provide rest for migrating birds have been around for generations and generations of the same patterns. The sun that sunk behind Stilts spread out on his yoga mat has risen and fallen everyday for the whole world's life.

I realized that it is nice sometimes to stop and feel a place that is so much older and wiser than me.

I hope you stop and feel it sometimes, too.