A Scary Story

I have started my official Halloween countdown. It is now 6 days away. I have a costume that can't be beat. I have Yvette's annual Halloween party (a complete success). And I have carved jack-o-lanterns for the front porch.

But my favorite of all Halloween activities this year, I have successfully spooked The Hoefler Twins on three different occasions. The first time I hid behind the couch in their living room and waited (nearly an hour) for them to return home. After they entered the room, but before they turned on the lights, I jumped up with a loud, "Boo!!!!" They nearly fell over with fright.

Since hiding worked well, for my second scare I waited outside the yoga studio where The Twins were attending a class with Stilts. When the three came out I jumped out with a scream "AHHHAAHAHA!" The Hoeflers turned white. Stilts (of course) remained perfectly calm.

The third and final of my tricks was unfortunately much less intentional. We planned to go to a haunted house over the weekend and The Twins went first to stand in line. When I go there and made my way to them, I tapped them on their backs to let them know I was there. To my surprise, they jumped in the air with a shriek. I guess The Hoeflers have been put on edge this season...

I so enjoy Halloween.

I hope you so enjoy Halloween, too.