September Craft: Pencil Toppers

We thought our school supplies could use a little fun and what better way than with our own mini versions of Red Fred Bodoni and the Jolly Troop?

To make Red Fred pencil toppers you will need:
• Different colored fabric for each bird (we used fleece cus it's so soft)
• Coordinating embroidery thread
• Fabric glue
• A thread needle
• Scissors
• Red Fred Bodoni printed patterns

1. Click on patterns, drag to desktop, and print at 100% (on your printer!).
2. Cut out each bird and accessory from the patterns and trace onto material.
3. Fold material and cut along traced lines so you end up with two matching pieces.
4. According to the pattern, line up beak in between the two matching pieces.
5. Glue together along the top and side but leave the bottom open (for the pencil!).
6. With embroidery thread, line stitch around the outside of your bird except for the bottom (cus of the pencil!).
7. Make a knot for each bird eye and cut excess thread.
8. Top your pencils with our own members of the Jolly Troop!