The Hoeflers and The Show Me State

Did you know there are wineries in Missouri? I did not. I did know wine is produced outside of Italy, I just wouldn’t have expected it in the mule state I suppose.

However, The Hoefler Twins spent a weekend at a Missouri winery recently.

They needed to unwind after a recent, heated debate over the historical accuracy of the first moon landing. It lasted an entire week. Magnus was at his wit's end.

But while they vacationed at Chandler Hills The Twins wine tasted, but not too much. They relaxed, but took long walks. They asked one million questions about vineyards, but listened to all one million answers. They stayed awake late, but woke up early.

And they argued some, but agreed some too.

The trip was a very good idea. The Twins returned home stress free (mostly).

I hope you are stress free (completely).