Central Park Spring

Sorry we've been so flighty. We are birds, though, so I hope you'll forgive our "up and fly" ways. But sometimes, that is exactly what a bird (or a mushroom, or a human) needs to do. Guess where we went? Our favorite... your favorite... Central Park.

The Twins and Algernon decided to follow Black Jack because he had been bragging about the new flight-patterns he's been practicing for sky-scrapers (supposedly, NYC is one of the most perilous places a bird can try flight-patterns). He was out to set a few new personal records. Al and The Twins didn't comment on what actually happened when he neared the Chrysler Building; they say Black Jack will peck their eyes out if they tell.

Stilts spent the majority of his time examining the area around Bethesda Fountain. He's in love with the terrace. Personally, I think he likes to watch all the wedding pictures being shot of the quaint couples, but he claims his real interest is the tiled ceiling. I'm not convinced.

The girls, Yvette and Penny, bypassed any scruples for staying dry and headed straight towards Conservatory Pond during the middle of a downpour. Yvette was misty-eyed in the rain, warbling all sorts of romance nonsense... something about a pigeon and Woody Allen. Penny took to the perimeter of the pond, trying to dodge rain-drops. She claims to have only been hit by 5. She's fast... but not that fast.

Magnus had made prior arrangements to meet with a professor Simon Schama from the Department of Art History and Archeology at Columbia University. Supposedly, they have been corresponding about Schama's Emmy-nominated A History of Britain. Magnus thought it was a good piece, but felt it was lacking in some areas. They met on a boat and had a row.

Me? I took some time in one of my favorite trees on one of my favorite branches. Maybe it's not much to you, but being in the green calms me down.

And we had to see Alice. When she found out we were coming, she called the entire gang (Mad Hatter, the Chesire Cat, the White Rabbit, Caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts, and Jabberwock. Yes, the Jobberwock. He's a very nice jobberwok, contrary to the way the story painted him. What most people don't realize is that it was only a story. He's been trying - tirelessly - to change that perception, but he says that every night when he walks into a child's room to tell them, they always scream. We are determined to help him out.). Alice packed a beautiful picnic with plenty of green-eats for Al. We had a marvelous time laughing and singing. As the time wore on, things got quiet and we snuggled up to her as she recounted stories of the Old Characters and the legends, and tales, and myths they were involved in. Times were more magical back then, I think. Alice disagreed and said, "There is enough magic in this dandelion to make an entire world of stories. Just make sure to use plenty of marmalade."

We pecked and feathered and then took one last gander towards Bethesda Fountain. We had such an exhausting day that we hopped on the first few umbrellas we could see. Sweet older women. But I don't think the one on the right realized how heavy Algernon was going to be...

We'll look for you again. Very soon.

- rfb