Meet Grey "Stilts" Gotham

You'll say he's long-legged; he'll say he's long-sighted. Stilts is a singular bird, that's for sure, with a real knack for sensing the future (what he calls "feather hints"). We're not sure how he does it... maybe it's the long legs — giving him a perspective most of us don't see while walking. He likes bending, stretching, and practicing yoga. Most think his eyes are closed, but he claims they are wide open... something about a "third eye." He takes his time making a decision, which can really be a bother. One time, his ice-cream cone completely melted because he couldn't decide if licking was better than pecking. At times, it seems he is in a world all by himself. Some of his favorite things are balloons, wooden chess pieces, tap-shoes, and Frank Sinatra. Unique. Eclectic. Stilts.