Little Women's Little Woman

Somethings you never expect to happen: salt ditching pepper for cumin or macaroni going stag for a night on the town while cheese molds away in heartbreak. So when The Twins' sibling rivalry blew up into an unusual heated argument, The Under Twin took off and the day turned gray. They have never been apart, so The Upper Twin was completely full of woe. The girls brainstormed and came up with something to cheer up their Upper Twin:


a visit to Louisa May Alcott's home to be Little Women!


Did you know the book was written and set in the Alcott's home? Did you know the Alcott's named their home Orchard House? Have you ever been so excited about something that you've had an accident? That's okay. Accidents happen.


Sophia always imagined herself as Margaret "Meg" March—the oldest, the most beautiful and governess-employed sister. Spending time in front of the mirror/window seemed something very Meg AND very Elizabeth Taylor.


The artistic, youngest and "regular snow-maiden" Amy was Yvette's muse. Sometimes spoiled and somewhat vain, Yvette could sympathize with Amy's disposition and her choice in men. "The last IS the best of all the gang—she gets Laurie!" Yvette shouted, imagining jumping from the roof into Laurie's arms (the Christian Bale version of Laurie, of course).


Penny liked Josephine because "Jo" was like the author, Louisa. As Penny raced up the roof to do her beak-stand, she quoted Louisa: "No boy could be my friend till I had beaten him in a race and no girl if she refused to climb trees, leap fences..."


The Upper Twin connected with the scarlet fever stricken Elizabeth "Beth" March. Being apart from her twin felt like a dark shadow was looming over her. She felt very little, very small and wondered if she would ever be considered beautiful and not just cute.


When they met up, The Upper Twin told the others that she was going to do the "bigger" thing and be the first to apologize to her sibling. After all, it was her brother that always carried her on his back and it was her brother who always made her feel taller than she really was.