The Empire State Building

Nicknames are quizzical things and their interest builds when you discover the reasons behind them."Stilts" (our friend who goes by his nickname—he's the tall, blue fellow) suggested the entire Troop visit New York's nickname building: the Empire State Building!


As we exited the elevator on the 86th floor and climbed upon the guard rail, Silas yelled, "You can all call me Batman!" Stilts quietly corrected him, "You can't give yourself a nickname. A nickname is given to you by somebody—like a friend—that has known you since your beginning or for a very long time." Silas grumbled and remained upside down.


Problems, like the world, look very different when you see them from above or from a distance.


Sometimes it takes standing on shoulders to see something close-up.


Being so high up and close to the buildings, Pascal recalled the 1933 film of King Kong while Penny thought about the possibilites of being in the Macy's Day Parade. Silas just looked below at all the tiny people and began singing, "Birdie, birdie in the sky..."


Did you know The Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world in 1931? Can you find all the hidden Troopers on the tops of the building?


Did you know the tower lights have meaning? Did you know they turn off every night/morning at 2:00 a.m.?


With our tail feathers to the masses, peering over the edge, The Twins spotted two faces in the crowd that appeared somewhat familiar. "It's her... and him!" said the Upper Twin; "No, it's not them. They don't live here," debated the Under Twin. The matter settled when the faces got up and close. There—on top of the world—were The Cliff and The Mexican!


There is an incredible magic that happens when you run into a friend in an unlikely place; there is an unmistakeable feeling you feel sitting in the hands of a friend that has supported you from a great distance—especially when you're 1,250 feet above the ground.


There is a perspective you see when you spend time with someone that has been there since your beginning.


Time sped ahead. They had to leave and we had to go, so we made plans for pizza the next day. Seeing them was something unexpected and splendid—kinda like a rainbow without rain.