The Jolly Troop Visits Blue Marble Ice Cream

It's been awhile since the entire Troop has been able to do something together. So when Magnus informed us that Silas Savoye had decided to join The Jolly Troop and was meeting us at Blue Marble Ice Cream, we figured this was the perfect time and the perfect place to get together.


As we lifted each other up to see through the shop window, The Twins asked, "But is it

really the perfect time and the perfect place? What is the perfect time and perfect place?  Or more to the point, what is the perfect world ?


There were as many opinions as there were birds.


The lines, the order and the options reminded us of Sir Thomas Moore's Utopia. "If Utopia had a flavor, it would be Blue Marble's strawberry ice-cream," drooled Penny.


The blue sprinkles made Algernon and Roman think of their tall, gangly-legged pal, Stilts. "Which path to Moksha are the sprinkles on?"


Did you know the name blue marble is another name for Earth? Did you know tile has been used for over 4000 years in order to make things more beautiful?


Edward surprised us when he dove head first into a little boy's ice-cream cone. I guess he loses all scruples when he sees chocolate chocolate chip ice-cream. What's amazing is that the boy just let him eat. Black Jack witnessed the whole thing and couldn't help but wonder: maybe Brooklyn IS the best place on Earth... We sat on some of Blue Marble's biodegradable containers and thought about ways to keep our planet perfect.


When some of the Troop fancied a beautiful photograph, they all stopped for a moment. They learned it was a photograph of Rwandan countryside. When they inquired about Rwanda being connected to this ice-cream shop, they heard and saw the most amazing story. Stilled and quiet after watching, all Magnus could say was, "Elysian Fields." Yvette turned to him, quizzically and whispered, "I love it too, but now is not the time to be thinking of my favorite shopping street in Paris!"


When the line slimmed down, we gave our order to Eddie. He recommended the a scoop of coconut almond and a scoop of cookies and cream.


Just then, Silas flew in! It was a frenzy of feathers as we talked about his flight, Rwandan ice-cream, and our neighborhood haunts. Maybe the perfect world is new friends meeting old friends over ice-cream. Maybe the perfect world is right here, right now. And maybe the perfect world will melt unless you enjoy it immediately.


As The Jolly Troop flew out the door, Black Jack hung back with me for a few split seconds. Seeing our friends dizzy with happiness and ice-cream bellies was the perfect dessert.


Blue Marble Ice-Cream

196 Court Street

Brooklyn, NY