Court & Sackett Street Mural: Preparations

*A great lover of Brooklyn AND this building wrote in and asked us a great question: are we allowed to do this? The answer is yes. We have written permission from the owner of the building! Thankful for the thoughtful follow-up, we hope to add to the already-existing charm of Carroll Gardens!


We're planning to paint ourselves into our Brooklyn neighborhood. On the corner of Sackett and Court, there is a building that houses residents, Area Yoga, and an undisclosed "work in progress" on the street level. A interesting type of plywood has been more or less wrapped around the street level section of the building. This is the space we are going to infuse.

This first image is from Google Maps and gives you (and us) an idea of what is being covered.

This next image was shot by Dallas on Memorial Day with his friend Jim. The grid he created was based off the individual plywood piece dimensions that cover the building, which (for the most part) run 4' x 8'. There is some fudging on the pieces closest to the corner (3' x 8') but we've taken that into account.

So, this next image gives you an idea of the size we are growing to be and how we plan to look on the surface. Looks like a great time and we have plenty of room to grow with new Troopers! We'll keep you posted on the progress, as well as adding a new label entitled "Street Mural" so you can see all the posts for this specific project. Want a Jolly Mural in your city or neighborhood? Send Dallas a message and we'll see what we can do about that!