Meet Edward Ian Script

Even though there is a fairly popular Edward right now (if you're into fangs, teen novels, and do-good vampires), this Edward doesn't want to compete for name-status. Why? He's a gentleman. Through and through. He knows when to stand, when to apologize, when to discuss politics at a party, or when to phone if running late to an appointment. He's the patron bird for John Bridges and claims one of his best students has gone on to become a spy with a three-digit codename. With an impeccable eye for men's detailing, this is the gent you want on your side whether you're deciding between straight blade or electric or need to know the social difference between white tie and black tie. Lastly, you know what he'll say if you're trying to step up your male-social-confidence, right?

"Yes. It's true. Real men wear pink." 

ITC Edwardian Script was designed by Edward Benguiat. We're going to see if we can meet him!