A Fresh New Few

I really, REALLY want to get The Jolly Troop pattern/craft paper moving. Depending on the day and who you ask, it's either easy or hard. The Jolly Troop has had some designs that we've featured before - and we're going to do those. However, we've decided to expand our circle and invite some crazy-talent to assist with our first collection of paper! These "fresh new few" are great friends of The Jolly Troop and incredible designers within their own right! Who are they, you ask? We'll let you know... very soon.

We're going to be working on Collection 1 with aims to show them off at CHA in July. Not the biggest of shows, but one that will help create an awareness of us and what we're about. We also hope to move the pattern paper into textiles, too.

Lastly, here is an illustration we put together. Thought it would work well for patterns, book covers, or a matching game. Thoughts?