Coloring Page: An Anagram from Algernon

With the Passover and Easter weekend closing in, Algernon wanted to contribute something unique. So he decided to make an anagram based on this seasonal celebration. Not only is Anagram his last name, an anagram is a word game where you mix up words to create others. For example: The Morse Code = Here Come Dots; or The Eyes = They See; or Astronomer = Moon Starer (we got these from Funny Anagrams). We included a nice illustration of the anagram, along with a coloring page that goes with it.

Up for a game? Here's how it works: the first person to respond with the correct anagram answer on our blog will receive 5 free "Thank You" Word Cage Cards (maybe we should have made a DIY Food Rag as the give-away...).

Good luck!