Sundance 2010

Once a year my quiet, little city becomes the coolest place to be. It's only for ten days, but when the Sundance Film Festival comes around, all sorts of famous things – that don't normally happen – begin to happen. For instance, you just might run across Joseph Gordon-Levitt eating a sandwich in the deli. Or on your lunch you might find art on city buildings by Banksy from the night before. Or maybe you'll get invited to a party and Tom Waits will be there playing music.

Of course, the real point of the festival is the films. Penny and I usually get tickets to a movie or two because while we like to *star gaze* a little, we also like to see new things. And how lovely it is to see new things without even leaving town.

I think this is a great Sundance year.

I hope you think this is a great Sundance year, too.