Winter Song

The mountains to the east are covered in snow. I can see the white mist of cold breathing outside. My neighborhood streets are lined with trees of sparkling white lights. And tomorrow it will be December.

So it is now winter.

Such is the season change; until next year we are done with orange spice and pumpkin carving, trading them for peppermint sticks and ski resorts. I like that each season has such a personality and that winter has come with it's blue colors and nighttime snowstorms. It has me pulling plaid fleece blankets and snow shoes out of my storage trunks and looking forward to the excitement of the next few months. There will be holidays, the beginning of another year, hot cocoa, slopes to speed down and fireplaces for defrosting frozen beaks and noses.

I love so many things about the winter.

What do you love about the winter?