Meet Penny Cochin

She's hard to beat. In anything. Especially running. If she had her way, our wings would be placed on our heals. She has found out there is a city in India called Cochin and now she wants to run there, to find out if that is where she is from. I've told her, "Penny, you can't run across the ocean! You can fly across it, but not run!" She isn't convinced. She likes the beat of a waltz, drinking lemonade with little mint leaves, and leaving really hyper-spazzy messages on her cell phone (which she changes every day). She's got a one-track mind and thinks of life as a race, so that every once in awhile, she'll be flying next to you and then she'll start yelling, "Go! Go! You can finish! You can do it! Dig in! Go hard! Win!!" even though we're just flying from one bakery awning to the next.