Meet Magnus Prestige

He hates it when people call him a chick: (1) he's not a baby bird and (2) he's not a girl. And his chirp will let you know that in a matter of seconds. It goes so low that if you get him mad enough, he can shake the ground with his screech. Magnus loves historical figures and personalities. Kings, queens, czars, dukes, lords, princesses, sultans, archbishops... you name it, he's probably written a book on it (he's researching Pier Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall, at the moment. I have NO idea who that is. Really.). And he'll let you know that too, because even though he's one of the *smallest* members of the Jolly Troop, his ego is one of the largest. In fact, just take a look at his name and you'll get a sense of how his feathers ruffle in a crowded room of listeners.