Meet Yvette Garamouche

She's The Jolly Troop's "love bird." And no, it's not coincidence that she is being introduced a few days following Valentines. Although she can be complex, there is actually one word that describes her to a T. Paris. Yvette loves Paris and I think it's safe to say that Paris loves Yvette. Any and everything about the place coos to her. She's a real free spirit and goes where the wind takes her (which conveniently — 8 out of 10 times — ends up in France). She loves art, the Seine, and drifts to things on the fringe or edge. She likes things that are obtuse... like mixing plaids with polka-dots. Oh... she also has a budding interest in Alcatraz (you'll need to ask her; I have no idea). She has some of the most unique feet of all The Jolly Troop and she is not ashamed to let you know that (see the photo below for a closer look). When she loves, she loves deeply and fiercely but never lets you know where her heart is. Except when it's next to the Eiffel Tower.