Meet The Hoefler Twins

Have you ever seen a double yolked egg? Kinda strange, isn't it? I've heard that about 1 in 1,000 eggs are double yolked. Like these two. You never see them apart and the two couldn't be more different than fire and water. And maybe that's it — it's a balance thing. Not only do they stand and fly on top of one another, but their personalities seem to neutralize all sorts of situations. They are our diplomats. They see both sides. They also have a strange way of affecting luck... or circumstance. And it's almost eerie if you think about it too long. More than once, by simply "being around" a wedding has suddenly happened — on the spot! Another time, the Dow crashed when they were harassed for visiting some friends perched near the New York Stock Exchange. My advice? Don't get on their bad side. Double trouble.