Hi. I'm Red Fred Bodoni.

I'm not sure how I feel about doing this. In fact, I almost just bagged the idea. All together. At this point, I'm only doing it because Black Jack has confiscated my asparagus and is holding it ransom until I get a few posts up. Geeeez.

Wow. I feel awkward.

So... here I am. This is what I look like. If they are bad photos, talk to Black Jack. He got this photographer guy to do these a couple months back. It was torture. I just stood there, in front of a white wall, as he was talking to me. And then he interviewed me with his iPod. Odd, don't you think? Anyways. I might as well explain.

The first image is my name. Red Fred Bodoni. And no, you aren't the first that doesn't know how to pronounce it. Here... let me see if I can type it out:


I'm guessing you're fine with /red/ and /fred/. Doesn't get more simple than that. So, yeah. That's my name. And that is how my name looks when I write it. I was named after a designer from Italy, but I won't bore you with those details now.

The next few shots are just... well... they're how the photographer saw me. There's a close up of my face. My tail. And... my feet. I know, I know. Who actually wants to see my feet? Who shoots feet? And then there's the full-body shot, feathers and all.

The last photograph I don't mind, so much. I was up in Big Cottonwood Canyon (a great spot I visit, near to where I live — only about a 15-minute flap) this last weekend, seeing the pines and the snow. It was quiet as sleep and as white as... well... white as Snow White (bad joke). But it was really beautiful. The photo isn't that great because I had to use the timer and then get up to that branch. You get the idea, though. I love being outdoors because I feel like I own it all.

Lastly, Black Jack and I are having some t-shirts made. Of me, for now (there is no way I'm going to have his beak on a shirt when I don't know where my asparagus is!). We are going to be selling them online and wanted to put the word out. Cool store. Printed on American Apparel shirts.

I think this is more than enough for my first post. And... it wasn't all that bad. But if I find one peck-mark in my asparagus, there is going to be a tar and feathering! I'm serious.

Well. I guess this is it. So...



PS. I have a Facebook account, too. See you there?